Beefing up your advertising

Beefing up your advertising

When it comes to advertising, it can be all too tempting to stick with the smaller marketing options. Social media, local magazines even mailshot campaigns. These can work well, however, if you are trying to grow your audience and really reach a larger market, then you need to go big with your advertising.

The biggest methods of advertising that you can use is cinema, radio and TV. Not only are they big, but they are sophisticated and can really help you to develop a sense of emotion and atmosphere in what you are trying to say.

One major downside of these methods of advertising, of course, is the cost. The majority of small businesses out there do not have the kind of budget that it takes to get themselves on TV and cinema. However, that doesn’t mean that they have to rule it out completely. One of the lower cost approaches that you can take, which can still have an impact is radio advertising.

Get advertising on the radio

If you are trying to advertise to your local area, then the radio is a great way to go. Not only can you make sure that you reach a good number of people, but you also can make sure that they are in your local area too. Often you will see that many adverts are broadcast during the rush hour or perhaps over the course of a weekend when people are most likely be in their car. The thing to remember with radio ads is that they are low cost and they are fast to put together and they work. After all, people don’t very often change over to a different radio station just because there are adverts on.

You might also want to investigate your local free radio stations – we have a couple in Kent that are really keen to have businesses come in and talk for free as part of their programmes – maybe a quick Google search on your local stations?!

See yourself on the big screen

There are as many as 3,800 different cinema screens up and down the UK. Not only this but many people will visit the cinema on a regular basis, regardless of their age. Whilst it is expensive to get an advertisement on the big screen, you are going to be granted an entirely captive audience, who will really take in what you have to say. The thing to remember with cinema advertising is that you don’t always have to put together a blockbuster ad like you may see just before the film, local cinemas also offer still image and slide based advertising space which come up as the audience files in ready to take their seat. What could be easier than that?

Not such a small screen

We all watch TV from time to time, which means that if you want to get noticed, then TV is a great way to go about it. However, unlike some other forms of advertising, when it comes to TV you really need to do your research first. You need to ensure that you are advertising at a time and on a channel that is going to have the maximum reach, else you may end up advertising to the entirely wrong audience and actually wasting your money rather than making more.

I’ve seen Sky recently introduce Sky AdSmart who mention you can advertise to audiences based on their preferences. They say it makes advertising to smaller businesses too!

Advertising is vital to the growth of any business. Why not take the time to think slightly out of the box when it comes to your advertising efforts? You never know, you might decide to go big from time to time.

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