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Why good website design is important for your professional services firm

Helen Cox Marketing Legal and B2B Marketing Consultant Kent and LondonOne of the most important parts of having an online presence is good SEO. However, whilst it is great to focus on this part of content marketing, you also want to make sure that your website looks the same.  

Not thinking about website design (or should I say good website design) can leave your website visitors less than impressed by what you have to offer. They may not see you in the right light. Or even worse, they may decide that your professional services firm isn’t the right one for them.   

To help you, I have put together some of my top tips on what makes for good website design and why it is worthwhile focusing on.   

The main reasons to ensure your website is perfectly designed   

One of the main reasons to think about your website design is to encourage your potential clients to stick around and learn more about what you can offer. 

The last thing you will want is for them to decide that your firm is not the right one for them simply because it is not designed correctly or is slow to load.   

Google also likes to see websites that keep their visitors around for some time. The more you impress Google, the better it will be for you and how you sit on the search engine results.   

You will want your website design to provide your existing and potential clients with exactly what they need as quickly as possible. 

This shows that you take client experience seriously, resolving things quickly. Also, if they find the answers they are looking for, they will be much less likely to ask you.   

Whilst many of the reasons to create a well-designed website is around how it appears to your clients. It can also work wonders for you as a professional services firm too.  

By creating and populating your website pages, you can show off the amazing things that your firm can do. You always want to put yourself in the best light possible, and a website is going to help you to do that.   

How can I improve my website design?  

The good news is that there is a wealth of things you can do to make sure that your website looks and works just the way that you want it to.   

The first thing you need to look at is the health of the links on your website. You want to ensure that all of the links are working. Whether internal or external, they should take you to the right page.   

You also want to consider if all the information on your website is correct and accurate. 

While things change over time, you need to ensure that the information on your website is still relevant.   

It is also a good idea to ensure that your reviews and testimonials take pride. They show the experience that previous clients have had. This could make the difference between your visitors becoming clients or not.   

These are just some things you can do to ensure that your website is working and looking how you want it to. All that is left is ensure that it is as visible as possible and that all that traffic is turned into viable clients in the future.   

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