Why accountants should dabble with Instagram

Why accountants should dabble with Instagram

Helen CoxRunning and promoting an accountancy practice is not always easy and it is hard to see where Instagram would fit in. Whilst you may really enjoy the work that you do and the services that you offer your clients; you are not always seen as the type of business that is packed full of personality. 

I speak to a variety of accountancy firms and many of them tell me that they need help and support in making sure that the personality of the brand comes through and is a strong selling point in a somewhat crowded market. 

I tell them that social media is key to this and in particular looking at platforms that they might not instantly think will work for them. Such as Instagram.  

So, to help to promote your accountancy firm, I have put together some of the main reasons why they should be dabbling with Instagram.  

Instagram helps to show your personality  

As I have already pointed out, one of the key things that you are going to want to do for your accountancy firm is to showcase your personality. After all, this personality is going to really help you to outshine your competitors. Instagram is a visual social media platform, which means that you can use it to help you to show who you are and what you do, easily and with no need for lots of text.  

You can introduce your team 

You may work alone as an accountant, but chances are that you have some kind of team behind you. If you do, then Instagram is the ideal place to showcase your team to your audience. Share pictures (as well as a bit of information about them as people) of them to your feed and this will ensure that your clients see a face to the name and who they may deal with.  

You can share your blogs on Instagram

You might not think that Instagram is the ideal place to share your blog posts (LinkedIn is usually the go to place for this) but it really is. It gives another avenue for you to promote the amazing content that you put together. It also is a place that your audience might not think to look at; as well as being able to attract those visitors that you might not have otherwise have found. You can’t put your links in your posts but you can use a tool called linktr.ee which helps you have multiple links in your bio.

You can share your news, events and awards 

One great type of post for you to share on Instagram is what you have achieved as a team. This could be an award or any other achievement that recognises the hard work that you put in to what you do. You can also share key pieces of news that relate to your business and also promote any events that you may be organising or attending as a business.  

There really is so much that you can do with Instagram. So long as you attach a photo or video then you are good to go.  

No matter what you use Instagram for, one thing is for sure, it is worthwhile making the effort for your accountancy firm. Not only will it help you to promote your brand, but will also ensure that you appeal to new customers and clients too! 

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