Helen Cox MarketingWriting for your business can be incredibly beneficial. Especially if you are creating blogs for your business. But then you get the fear of dreaded writer’s block. You may think that it is simple to create a piece of content, however, the truth is that sometimes you can sit in front of the laptop and simply not be able to put pen to paper. We’ve all been there right?

Writer’s block is frustrating. You may have plenty of ideas, but getting them onto paper isn’t always easy. But how can you beat writers block and create a blog or piece of content that you can be proud of?

Clear the clutter

Make sure you declutter the space where you have decided to write your content. Tidy workplace means tidy mind. Get yourself a coffee, go the toilet do everything you would do to put off writing now. There is no escape, you’ve got this – you just need to get ready to work!

Have an outline before you even start to avoid writer’s block

Some people can simply type out a piece of content without even thinking about where it is going to go. Some people are not quite so lucky. If you need to have some direction, then why not take 10 minutes to write yourself an outline. That way, you will have the bare bones of what you want to say, and you can bulk up from there. My main go to outline to avoid writer’s block is usually something along the lines of:

  • What’s the issue?
  • Why is it important?
  • What should do next?

Talk your idea through with someone else

Not sure if you like your idea, or need some reassurance that it is going to work? Why not talk it through with someone else? Not only can they tell you exactly how it sounds, but they may also have some great insight into what you are writing or an angle you should take. It’s ok to ask for advice and get some insights so the dreaded writer’s block doesn’t kick in.

Have a look at what other people have written

Remember when you were at school and you needed to pop to the library to pick up a reference book to help you? Writing a piece of content can be much the same as a school project, you can use a variety of sources to help you to put something together. Much like having someone to talk to, you may be surprised by the different ideas that you find.

Give yourself a break

Sometimes, the best way to beat writer’s block is to leave the writing alone for half an hour and then come back to it. This could be by popping on social media, making a cup of tea or simply finishing off some chores that you have at home. In no time at all, you will be refreshed and ready to face your task again.

The best thing about writer’s block is that it is temporary, just relax and let it flow naturally. Forcing it or getting stressed does nothing for the creative process. For more ideas on blogging and writing check out:

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