Time to bump some personality into your B2B marketing strategy

Time to bump some personality into your B2B marketing strategy

Helen Cox Marketing Consultant London Kent UKCompared to other forms of marketing, B2B marketing can sometimes feel like the most impersonal of them all. You are much more likely to utilise things such as mass emails, generic content and posts on social media that feel more than just a little uninspiring.  

However, the thing to remember is that you can make B2B marketing just as personal as other forms of marketing; you just might need to make it happen in a somewhat different way.   

To help you work out what that way is, I have put together some of the best ways to try and add some personality into your B2B marketing strategy.   

Break down your target groups  

There is a good chance that your marketing groups are much broader as you are implementing B2B marketing; however, just because they can be wide, it doesn’t mean that you can’t break them down into smaller groups.  

You could look at them in terms of how long they have been running, what industry they specifically work in, as well as where they are based. These things give you another layer to target them with and make it much easier to target your efforts.   

Research into your audience for B2B marketing  

Once you have broken your audience down into smaller groups, then comes the time to find out how you can personalise and target them. Take the time to research them and what is going to appeal best to them. Sure, this will take effort to do, but I can promise you that there will be a much more increased chance that they will want to use your services or hear more about you.   

Use older content to your advantage   

Who said that you could not repurpose older content for different groups? I definitely think that you can. If you have content that can be changed and still work, then it is worthwhile using this for your audience. Think about what changes you can make to ensure that your content works for each target group, and then put those changes in place.   

Be human in B2B marketing  

One final way to ensure that you inject personality into your marketing is to do just that. Show your clients that you are human, that you are a natural person behind those social media posts. They will appreciate seeing another side to you, and knowing that you are a real-life company, will give you that human touch and make them want to do business with you.   

It also helps you develop feelings of trust and allow you to lay the foundations that will help you form strong relationships with your clients, which will ensure that they stay loyal to you and your brand.   

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