Three reasons why social media won’t change your business overnight

Three reasons why social media won’t change your business overnight

Hi everyone and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series so today I thought I would talk about three reasons why social media might not change your business overnight.

Firstly it could be to do with the fact that you don’t have a blog so you may be sharing content from other sources. You might be talking about your services but what you want to do is really provide some value to those that are following on social media and your blog can do that. It also provides this backlink back to your website so your social media followers can then click on your blog have a look around potentially read your other blogs and they might sign up to an e-newsletter so having a blog is really important because it helps to fuel the content of your social media channels

The second reason why it might not work is because you might not have a follower strategy so you can have the right amount of content going out it could be the best content ever but you don’t have enough followers to like and engage with it so you need to have a think about what it is that I can do to increase my followers. So, for instance on Twitter, you might be interested in having HR directors and HR managers for your account so you could go to the HR directors magazine on Twitter see who are following that particular account and then follow their followers so the more followers you have the more engagements that you’re going to get.

Lastly, the third reason is actually it could be to do with the fact that you’re not posting enough. I have spoken to clients where they say well I’m on Twitter once a week I’m on LinkedIn once a month. It’s actually not enough Twitter you should probably be looking at maybe 3 to 5 times a day LinkedIn personal account potentially 3 times a week maybe, even more, Instagram 2 to 3 times a day so you really do need to put the effort in with the content and making it regular.

I hope you found that helpful and that’s given you some insight and tips that you can take forward. If you like my videos please do like and share and any comments I’m always interested to hear them.

So, this is me signing out for now and thank you for listening.

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