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The Referral Revolution: Transforming Your Law Firm’s Reach

If there is one thing that is for sure when you are running a law firm, it is that you are going to be more than happy to get as many new potential clients as possible referred your way. Whilst the idea of getting these referrals may be something that many law firms are looking to achieve, the truth is that they often do not put as much effort into actually getting them as they could.   

It may take time, but building yourself a good, strong referral network is going to prove to be essential in ensuring that you get the reach that you are hoping for, and in turn, develop your law firm and its client base as much as possible.   

Where do I start? I hear you ask. Well, to help you transform your law firm’s reach, let’s take a look at the referral revolution and how to make it work for you.   

Always provide the very best in service  

One of the best ways to try and get referrals for your law firm is to ensure that the clients that you are already working with are incredibly happy with the service that they have received from you.  

If they feel that they have received the very best in service and they are satisfied with what you have provided them with, then they will be much more likely to refer someone to you in the future if they need the same kind of service.    

Network with other professionals to encourage referrals 

Now, I know that not everyone is a huge fan of the idea of networking, but unfortunately, when it comes to creating referrals and helping to promote your law firm, networking is something that you are going to need to get to grips with.   

This not only applies to those who also work in the world of law but also to those who work in other relevant industries. You should focus on any professional service that has clients who will also require legal services.   

If they have a good link with you, then, when their clients are going to need a service that they cannot provide, but that you can, they are more likely to point them in your direction.   

Be present online  

When you are present online, you are giving yourself the best chance to get noticed and to have clients come your way. The good news is that there are a variety of ways that you can do this. You may want to think about updating your website to ensure that you reach all the SEO goals, or you may want to utilise the power of social media to help you achieve your marketing goals.   

The main thing that you need to remember is that you are trying to get noticed. This means that you need to think about how you can best showcase who you are, match what people are going to be looking for and ensure that they recognise that you can offer what they need.   

Make sure people know what you do  

It sounds obvious, but you need to think about the best ways to ensure that people around you know what you do, the service that you provide and how you can best help them. Not only does this relate to how you promote yourself, but also how you interact with people.  

Away from your business life, you should also make sure that people that you meet socially, or through other parts of your life (such as where your children go to school) know what you do. Then, when they need some legal help, or they find out that someone they know does, they are much more likely to recommend you.   

Be present in the community to gain referrals  

I have already explored how important it is to be present online earlier in this blog, but as well as being virtual, you need to be seen in the real world too. Your community will often include potential clients who are looking to use a local business. They will feel that they can trust you and what you offer and feel better because you are located close to them.  

Not only this, but if you are present in the community then you can also gain referrals from others around you too. They may not want to use your legal service, but what they will do is recommend people they know who need legal help.   

Do something to help those around you  

Not only can you be present in the community to promote yourself and what you can do, but it is also good to consider how you can do something to help those around you and the community that you find yourself in.   

Fundraising, community work and hosting events for locals to attend are all things that you can do to promote who you are in the community and how much you value those who are also a part of it.   

Not only this but when you do something to help those around you, you are making sure that you showcase the human side that it is all too easy for the community to forget that lawyers have.   

Linking with other lawyers to increase referrals

Whilst I have covered the idea of networking as a helpful way to gain referrals, let’s look at these links in a bit more detail. There are lots of other lawyers out there who are going to offer similar services to you, but not the same as you.   

They may specialise in an entirely different area of law, which means if you have a client that you are feeling that you cannot help, then you can send them to a linked law firm instead. Hopefully, if you have taken the time to build on this relationship, then you may find that they do the same thing to you; sending their clients your way for help.   


As well as creating a referral link and networking too; another great thing that you can try to do is collaborate with other lawyers out there. Become partners, become counterparts and build on that business relationship.   

This will help you to think about best practices, share ideas on how you can market yourselves and try your best, together, to appeal to as many clients as possible and gain as many referrals as possible too.   

As you can see, gaining referrals (and hopefully clients too) need not be as tricky as you may think it is. All you need to make sure that you do is carefully think about how you can ensure that your law firm is seen and that you are recognised as being a professional, trusted firm that people are going to want to rely on.   

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