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Podcast guest appearances and how your accountancy firm partners can prepare

In these modern times, we have various marketing options open to us. Some of them are relatively obvious, such as social media and blogging, while others are much less obvious.   

One example of this is podcasts. Podcasts are not just something that people listen to for entertainment. They can also be incredibly useful to promote a particular area of expertise or knowledge you may have.   

Something that is hugely useful in the professional services industry, which relies on the services they offer. When you are invited to participate in a podcast, you must figure out what to expect. After all, they are not something you will do every day.  

I have created my guide to podcast guest appearances and how your accountancy firm partners can prepare for them.   

Is it the right podcast?  

If you still need to become a follower of the podcast, then before you say yes, you need to make sure that you listen to a few episodes to get a feel for their approach and see whether it will work for you. Ask yourself, do you enjoy listening to the podcast and in turn, is it something that you think your target audience will likely listen to?   

You also want to think about the quality of the podcast from a production point of view. Is it high quality? Does it sound professional? Or does it have more of an amateur feel to it?  

It’s worthwhile considering any sponsored links that they have. Being featured means you will be linked to them in some way. You want to ensure that you are happy with this being the case.   

What kind of things do you want to talk about?  

After listening to a few podcast episodes (or more if you already follow it), you will know the format and discussion posts. Once you have this knowledge, you can think about the types of things you will want to talk about and the topics you will feel comfortable covering. You don’t want to discuss subjects you don’t know about as this will not paint you in a good light, and the aim is always to appear as an expert.  

That said, you don’t want to plan too much about what you will cover during your appearance. This will take away some of the flow and natural feeling of the chat. It will instead feel like a carefully prepared and planned conversation that is not real.   

Have a chat with those who run the podcast and find out how much planning they would recommend. There is a good chance that they won’t want to have a set plan. Instead, just a few focused discussion points that you want to cover and those that you don’t.

How to approach podcasts that you want to be featured on  

You may find that you may be invited to the podcasts that you want to speak on, but you are only sometimes this lucky, and sometimes you are going to need to approach them and pitch yourself.   

This can be tricky to do, especially if you are not comfortable selling your brand. Make sure that you always listen to the podcast before you pitch. That way, you can judge the best tone to take in your emails. 

You also want to make your email or message as friendly as possible. After all, you are trying to show yourself to be someone to whom the host will want to talk. You can also make sure that they get a sense of your personality by adding links to your social media pages, which will help them learn more about you.  

Do not be disheartened if they do not take you up on your offer. If they feel there would not be a good back-and-forth flow, then it is probably true, and you would be a better fit elsewhere.   

The main thing to remember when appearing on a podcast is that you simply don’t know if it will work for you until you try it. Find one that is the right fit for the type of accountancy firm that you are, and use it to your advantage. You never know; you might get the bug and want to set one up for yourself! 

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