Next Gen Legal marketing

Next Gen Legal Marketing

Helen CoxWhilst it is important in legal marketing to remember that no two clients, or cases for that matter, are the same, there are always going to be some similarities. This is especially true when it comes to looking at certain demographics.

You may, in the most part, be a law firm that appeals to older clients, however, that doesn’t mean that you should be discounting the younger generations, as whilst they may not need you right now, in the future things may change.

In order to appeal to a younger market, you are going to need to change some of the aspects of how you market and reach them and to help you we have put together our top tips for how to market to the next gen.

Always, always think about mobile

If there is one thing that is key when it comes to marketing to a younger audience, it is to ensure that you are mobile. Your clients are going to be, in the most part, heavily reliant on their mobiles, which means that if you are not on there, you are missing out the best chance to reach them.  You need to ensure that your website is visible on mobile devices and that it is also designed to work as well on them as it would on a laptop.

You should also ensure that you do whatever you can to make sure that your clients can contact you online as many prefer this to the more traditional method of using a phone.

Learn what they love to see

The younger generation is looking for something different from older generations. This means that you not only need to learn what they want but also how you can make sure that you offer this to them. Younger clients are going to value the experience that they have with a law firm and they will also be looking at the values that the particular firm has to offer. This means that these are key things that you should be thinking about and making sure that you highlight in your marketing.

Understand voice searching

We have definitely seen a change in how people search for things online. Recently, Alexa, Google and Siri have become the go to for voice searching and this has changed how we can make sure that we are visible within those searches. Rather than focusing on solo keywords, you need to ensure that the keywords that you include in your content, is going to relate to how someone may search for something using their voice. The changes may be subtle, but being aware of them can really make the difference between success and, well not so much success.

You may not think that the younger generation is your target audience, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do what you can to get them on side. They might not be clients right now, but we are sure that they will be in the future, which means that you are going to want to lay the foundations of appealing to them right now, all to help you in the future.

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