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How your law firm can naturally grow its email list

We all know that email marketing is a great way to advertise and market your law firm. But what if you don’t have a good-sized email list to send these emails out to?

Some law firms turn to mailing list houses in order to purchase email addresses that you can then use to send out your marketing emails to. But for me, this is a big no-no!

Whilst this does boost the numbers that you can send your emails out to, this doesn’t necessarily mean that these will turn into actual clients. I mean they haven’t asked for your email so you need to work twice as hard to woo them into becoming a client. It’s not an easy task and I suspect after send the first email you might have a hefty number of unsubscribes.

Rather than buying email addresses for your email list, I have put together some of the best ways that you can naturally build up it instead.

Adding your newsletter to your Outlook signature

Such a simple one but many people won’t know that your firm has an email newsletter so why not add it as a banner or part of your signature to your outgoing emails? You’re communicating with people that are already interested in the firm and what you do so it could very much be a quick win for potential new clients and contacts to sign up.

Writing a guest blog post

Blogging is big business, particularly when it comes to promoting your firm. A great way to expand your reach is to find established blogs and websites that welcome guest posts. In your bio at the end make sure you include a link to your mailing list and give those that land on the blog an opportunity to sign up for your content too!

Promote that you have a newsletter email list

It sounds obvious but don’t hide your email sign-up form! You can promote that you have a newsletter. You can do this through social media, especially on your LinkedIn personal page to encourage potential clients to sign up as well as on the blog pages, service and sector pages, and homepage of your website. If you’re speaking at events and conferences don’t forget to mention this on your presentation slides as well as put a link in the handouts. Think about a mini-marketing campaign for your email list!

Free content

One of the ways that I grew my email list when I first started was I offered a free marketing planning template to those that signed up to my email list. In fact if you look at my website now I offer a free guide if you sign up. Give people an incentive to hand their email address over to you. They want something valuable in return so think about what you can offer that would make them want to sign up and stay a member of your email list.

Email marketing is hugely important for any law firm. It is not only effective, but it can be low cost and low effort time. Ideal if you are looking to stay top of mind in people’s inboxes over a long period of time..

So, try out some of these top tips and see if your email marketing list grows, you never know what you might achieve with a little bit of effort. If you want to read more about email marketing take a look at my blog on transforming tips for your email campaigns.

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