Myth-busting the misconceptions around social media

Myth-busting the misconceptions around social media

Hi everyone and welcome to my video series today. I thought I would myth bust four common misconceptions when it comes to social media.

Social Media is Free

So, the first one is that social media is free. Social media is free. You can post, you can connect with people, and that’s absolutely fine, but there becomes a stage where there’s only so much you can utilize for free. And you may want to step into the world of social media advertising. So campaign manager on LinkedIn, promoting and boosting posts on Facebook and Twitter. It’s great that you can get your message out there for free and that people do see it, but sometimes you do need that extra boost when it comes to your social media.

Its all about the followers

Another element is that people think it is all about the followers. And again, followers are useful. You can have millions and millions of followers, but if those followers aren’t engaged, then it becomes a bit of a useless social media channel for you. So, it’s much better to have maybe 500 really key followers that are in your industry and your target market that are interested in your content and having thousands of thousands of people that haven’t got a clue what you do and are seeing your content and are doing absolutely nothing with it. So, don’t think that is necessarily all about the followers.

Your target market isn’t on social media

There also might be instances where you think, oh social media just won’t work for me. But I think I’ve been nicely surprised by this time and time again with some of the clients that I’ve worked with. You know, I’ve been doing Facebook targeting and I found people that are interested in woodwork or people that have children from the age of three, or own a car. LinkedIn can be great as well because you can do some really interesting targeting then when it comes to social media advertising.

So never assume that your target market isn’t on social media. A lot of people over the age of 65 now, and there’s a stat somewhere on my website and I can find that says even people of a slightly older generation are on social too.

Social media doesn’t change your business overnight

And lastly one of the things that I come across is, and I think I’ve said it in one of my blogs, social media does not, change your business overnight. It just doesn’t. So don’t expect like you’re going to get absolutely loads of leads off the back of it. It is a slow burn. It takes a while. You have to be consistent. You have to be persistent and get your content out there and share it as much as you can. So do not be disheartened if it doesn’t work as well as you think. Hopefully it’s a little bit like a snowball effect. The more you do it, the more people see you, the more you become front of mind. So I hope you found that helpful and that you get to implement some of those social media tips. Please do like and share this content if you think it’d be useful for any of your connections. And until next time, thank you so much for listening.

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