Mobile Marketing Tips

Must have mobile marketing tips

Helen Cox MarketingMobile Marketing – yes it sounds obvious what it is but is there a way your small business can be using it? Many of the businesses that I work with think “I’m online, I have a website.” Usually, this is about a forward thinking as small businesses get because work just gets in the way.

Mobile marketing is increasingly taking its place as a key marketing trend. Everyone is doing it, your competitors are all over it. So, what are some of the mobile marketing trends your business can make the most of now? Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing…

Mobile Search

Many people access the internet on their phones. I know when I look at my Google Analytics over half of my website visitors come from mobile!

When was the last time you took a look to see how your website comes across on your iPhone or smartphone?  Or even checked out Google Analytics? [If you want to check go here Google Analytics > Audience > Overview and it will give you a break down]

If your website is looking hideous on mobile then you need to act fast. Speak to your web developer and ask them to make this mobile responsive for you so that it can be viewed easily by your visitors.

Also, Google is starting to place much more emphasis on ranking websites based on their mobile responsiveness. By updating your website to be more mobile responsive you are keeping your visitors and Google happy.

Payments via Mobile

As a small business, you will have a service or a product that you will want to offer your customers. Customers now feel very comfortable with buying on their phones (take Amazon for example). You need to make the one thing you want your customers to do the easiest for them to do. Give them an opportunity to buy via the phone or miss out on the opportunity altogether.

When looking for payment providers – do some research first and don’t just go automatically to PayPal. A google search on ‘best payment processors for mobile’ is a good starting point. They all come with different features and benefits such as cost, security, and ease of use. Choose the provider that best fits your backend processing and business needs.

Social Media Mobile Ads

Whether you are on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you’ll find most social media adverts have the option to choose ‘mobile’ as a form of advertising. And to me, this fits in very neatly – let’s face it most people will be accessing their social media profiles on their phones.

When you go through the advertising process, regardless of what site you are on – don’t go mad with your targeting. Think about who your target audience are. If you want to reach local people, then keep the geotargeting tight and plump for people that are within a 5-10 mile radius for example. However, if you are looking for more page likes or email newsletter signs ups then go wider as there is more opportunity to get in front of the right people.

Mobile marketing is a trend that is here to stay and as a business, you need to make sure you are taking advantage of this opportunity.