Shining a light on positioning your accountancy firm

Tips on positioning your accountancy firm

The one issue that can come with being an accountancy firm, is that you are likely to be the same as any other accountancy firm in your local area. At least to your customers that is. You are going to offer the same services and often be trying to appeal to the same target market.

This can make marketing especially difficult and standing out from the crowd, well, that is also tricky! Thankfully, there are things that you can do to try and position your accountancy firm in the best place possible, and they might actually be easier than you realise.  

Make your accountancy firm have a niche

It can be easier said than done when you are running an accountancy firm, one simple way to make sure that you stand out is to have a niche, your very own spot in the market.

Perhaps you have some understanding of a particular industry or area of business, or maybe you are a bit of a whizz in one of your services over another. Whatever it is, the idea is that you present this as a niche and that you target your marketing somewhat to this.  I work with an accountancy firm for instance that specialise in working with Barristers.

Shout out about your accountancy firm locally

Whilst some businesses really need to think about their online presence, for accountants, local business is also key. This means that you need to take the time to promote yourself locally. Of course, there are likely to be other competitors in your area, but there is also a chance that they are not focusing themselves on local SEO as much as they should.  

Create a strong brand identity

When it comes to accountancy, it seems that many firms are keeping to the rather, dare we say it, dull side of brand identity. Sure, grey is in-offensive to the eye, but that is just it, it is in-offensive and it doesn’t stand out.

Be bold with your branding and don’t be afraid to create a strong identity. It might not always be to everyone’s tastes, but you will at least be standing out, which is what you will want to achieve.

Be useful

You are an accountant for a reason, you know what you are talking about. So, make sure that you put that knowledge to good use. Use your blog and social media accounts to share useful knowledge and information that your audience is going to find value in. Not only will this make them want to do business with you, but it also puts you in the position of being an expert in what you can offer.  

It might be hard to stand out from the accountancy crowd, but it isn’t impossible. Think about the ways that you can position yourself well and you should see that you reap the benefits for your business.   

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