Don’t be a law firm social media hermit!

Social media for law firms – don’t be a hermit

Social media marketing is important for any firm. It doesn’t matter what service you are offering your clients. Being present on social media and making sure that your potential and existing clients see you. That is something that everyone should be working harder at.  

This is even true for law firms. But how can law firms use social media marketing effectively for their business?  

Make time to be active on social media  

One of the most common reasons that people will give when it comes to neglecting their social media marketing is that they don’t have enough time to dedicate to it. Of course, getting used to social media marketing can take time. But once you get used to it, you can have everything you need done in as little as 30 minutes a day. Set aside time at the beginning of the day, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you. If your firm doesn’t have anyone in house that can do this then why not bring in someone like me to help – you can’t do everything!

Figure out what to post

Another reason that law firms might avoid posting on social media is that they are not sure what to post. However, law firms are lucky that they have plenty of content out there that they can use to create their posts. Think about the most common problems your clients come to you with. Use this as a topic to write a blog post. FAQ and how-to articles make for really great blogs. Not only do they offer the reader value. But they also ensure that you are seen as an expert in what you offer.  

Don’t worry about the negative comments

Negative reviews and comments on your firm are something that many people worry about. However, these, if they do happen at all, are few and far between. Sure, social media can open up an avenue for people to give you a negative review, but these reviews can actually be useful. I know you are thinking how…The way that you respond to the review or the comment, well that can put your firm in a good light and make sure that people see you as taking feedback onboard and then working with it.  

Social media is incredibly important to figure out when you are a law firm. Take the time to think about what you want to post, make sure that you set yourself time to actually post and of course, don’t be afraid of any negative comments that could be posted about you, it happens. One of my first ever posts was accused of being fake news!

In no time at all, you will find that you not only have a social media presence but that you also have a business that is going from strength to strength.  

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