Law firm link building

Law firm link building

Helen CoxThere is no denying that law firms are experts in all things related to law. However, other things can be a bit confusing, such as marketing and making sure that your law firm is visible online. Thankfully this is where I can help you.  

This particular blog post is all about link building and how important this can prove to be for your law firm. So, read on and learn more. 

What are links? 

Links are what take you from website to website. They usually come in the form of clickable text that is a part of the overall content of your website or your blog. Once the text is clicked on, the user will be moved through to another page. Perhaps on the same website or another completely different website.  

You can post links on your website which take your visitors to other websites. Or you can have backlinks posted to other websites that take people to your website. This is all about having an SEO strategy and building a link in this way, gives the nod to Google that you’re site is valuable. It is all about building relationships and then building links. But how do you do this? 

How can I build them for my law firm?  

The first thing that you are going to need to do is make sure that you only have the best quality backlinks within your website. You want to be linked to websites that are actually going to work with your particular firm. 

It is important that you think about websites that are high authority (that rank high on Google). As well as those that are valuable to your firm too. You want to look at news and industry media as well as professional experts that are going to ensure that you are in good standing. 

There is a good chance that it is going to take you time to build these links it’s worthwhile laying these foundations for your law firm.  

Whilst a key part of backlinking is making sure that you find the right place to post your links. You also need to think about how you appear to those possible links too.  You want to be seen as a website that they want to be linked to. After all, the whole idea of backlinking is bringing your two websites together.  

Make sure that you create content that is worth linking to. That you are seen as a law firm that knows what they are doing and what they are talking about. It is also a good idea to take a look at your competitors and see what they are doing about backlinking. Semrush is a good tool to find out what backlinks they have to their website.

Whilst you don’t want to copy them; you do want to make sure that you are able to compete with them.  

One final thing that you need to keep in mind about backlinking is that it is not always a quick job. Sure, finding the right places to link to might not take long. But these are relationships that are going to take work and effort over the long-term. All for the benefit of your law firm.  

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