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Helen Cox Marketing Legal and B2B Marketing Consultant Kent and LondonWhen running a successful accountancy firm, one thing you will need to get to grips with is ensuring that you develop and maintain a high level of business relationships. Having a good, strong relationship with your clients is a sure-fire way to ensure that they keep coming back repeatedly.  

Not only this but also that they recommend your accountancy services to others who may need them. Whilst it makes sense to try and work on those business relationships, the reality is that it can be pretty hard to get them right. 

To help you to be a master at this all-important part of running your accountancy firm, I have put together some of the top tips for you to try out for yourself.   

Don’t only get in touch when you need something  

A common mistake many people make is to only get in touch with clients and contacts if they want to share something. Of course, you will want to make sure that your client database knows the latest news, but this shouldn’t be the only time they hear from you.  

You want your contact to feel not only that it is a two-way street but also that it is authentic. You are simply reaching out to them because you want to know if all is going well with them.   

Reach out as much as you can (to those who matter most)  

Whilst it is true that you will want to try and have regular contact with all your clients and contacts, the reality is that there simply is not enough time in the day to do this. The good news, however, is that you can focus on those most important to receive this regular contact, rather than trying to contact all of them.   

Think about who your most important clients are or those that you would most like to secure and make sure they are your target. Helping this relationship to stay strong Is half the battle won.   

Check how you are doing with your accountancy firm  

You will never know just how well you are doing unless you ask for feedback. It can be daunting, but I can promise you that it is one of the best things you can do for your accountancy firm.   

Not only is feedback a great way to learn more about how you are performing, but also it can highlight a key area that needs help that you may not have realised. Another great thing about checking in on performance is that it shows your clients that you are taking the process seriously and that you want to be able to help them.   

Educate rather than sell  

It is easy to spend much of your email marketing efforts purely on selling. Of course, this is an important part of the marketing process and one that you should never shy away from. However, you want to be able to offer some kind of education as well as sales.  

Think about an issue your target audience may have, and then see if you can find a way to work on what you could do to help them.  

Speak about the issue in the long term and the impact that it might have. Then you are already well on your way to making your accountancy firm a success.   

Make content worth reading about your accountancy firm  

Email marketing is about getting the right message out at the right time. However, many people don’t realise that it can go much deeper than that. Emails can be much more content-rich and complex than you may realise, and if they are deemed worth reading, then all the better for you.   

The main aim of making content worth reading is to provide some form of educational content. You want to inform them of what you can do and showcase some of the success that you have had over time.  

Other email types that you can send over are promotions, discounts and competitions. These tempt the potential clients you haven’t quite managed to get yet and turn them into fully fledged clients. It also shows those existing clients that you are thinking about them and what they need—further building on that relationship.  

As you can see, building business relationships is far more critical than you may realise. It may take time and effort, but I can promise you that that effort will be worth it in the long term when you have a healthy client database and a successful accountancy firm.   

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