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How law firms can land their first LinkedIn Newsletter

Helen Cox Marketing Consultant London Kent UKThere is a good chance that you already know just how valuable LinkedIn can be when growing and marketing your law firm. This social media platform is the perfect professional tool (ideal for professional services), introducing new features that law firms can use to their advantage.  

One of these is the Newsletter feature. But, what is it, and why is it something that law firms should be thinking about trying?  

The LinkedIn Newsletter  

LinkedIn has always had an article feature, which works well; however, this has evolved and changed over time. One of the recent updates to LinkedIn is the Newsletter.   

The idea of the Newsletter is that it helps an audience stay on top of the news and conversations that relate to them and their interest. They can easily access this relevant content and the brands, businesses, and professional services that they follow.   

Newsletters can be used to share content that you might not necessarily share in an article format, such as news about your law firm or perhaps a behind the scenes look at what you do. They tend to work best if they are created as a way to share information, not just a chance to extend your network and secure some more clients. That is the job of the rest of your marketing campaign.   

Newsletters are not available to everyone, so you need to check your account to ensure that you can access this feature. The main criteria for the feature to be accessible are that you need to have at least 150 connections or followers on your LinkedIn profile, be active in sharing content, and ensure that you have agreed to adhere to the professional community policies that LinkedIn sets out.   

How to make sure your first LinkedIn Newsletter lands  

So, have you decided that you want to try out the idea of a LinkedIn Newsletter? If you have, you will want to make sure that you truly get this helpful feature working for you. To do this, there are a few different things that you will need to keep in mind.   

Create some intrigue 

The best way to create a Newsletter is to contain around half of what you want the reader to know. The rest of the content should be pointed out in a call to action that they will need to follow in order to find out more about it.   

This will work particularly well if you think about pointing the LinkedIn Newsletter to a page on your website or an article you have already created and want them to engage with.   

Repurpose your law firms content   

If you have already been writing content for your LinkedIn profile, then this tip will prove incredibly useful. You can use articles you have already posted and create your new Newsletter content out of that.   

Not only does this make the process of creating your Newsletter easier, but you can be sure that the content of the Newsletter is likely to appeal to your audience (mainly because they will have already engaged/reacted to it in the past).   

Test, test, test   

It is one thing creating a newsletter that you are then going to send out to your audience; it is quite another to actually find out whether or not that content is working for you as it should.   

The only way to find out whether or not your efforts are a success is to make sure that you test your content and the reaction to it. If one style, topic or design is working better than another, you may want to focus on similar formats in the future.   

Always tailor your law firms content  

For your content to be as successful as possible, you will want to tailor it to the audience who will be reading it. The good news about this is that you do not have to reinvent what you have already written entirely; you just need to make some key tweaks so that it works for a different viewpoint or part of your audience.   

Of course, to best do this, you will need to make sure that you have a good understanding of what your audience wants and needs from you. Otherwise, you could completely miss the mark.   

Design and law firms voice  

If you want to make sure that your Newsletter is going to work for your law firm, you need to think about the voice that you write in and the overall design of the Newsletter.   

You want to start at the top with a headline that will ensure that the reader knows what they are getting and focuses on the topic of the content too. Not only this, but the following headlines throughout the Newsletter should be concise, clear, and direct.   

It is also a good idea to ensure that the voice you use within the content (as in how you write) should be in keeping with your usual tone. This will ensure that the audience knows that the content is from you.   

It has to be said that the LinkedIn Newsletter feature is ideal for law firms to use for their marketing. When you get it right, they can help engage your audience and show them that you are an expert in your industry. This can then, in turn, encourage repeat clients or simply appeal to new ones who need the services that you can provide.   

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