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Hot Marketing Trends for your Recruitment Firm

Marketing has become a big part of any business strategy, and much like other things in business, it is a growing and changing world. This means that it is a good idea to try and stay on top of some of the latest marketing trends and use them to capture your audience.

Want to know more about what’s new? Why not check out my top marketing tips that you can use in your recruitment firm? You never know, you may find the ultimate inspiration amongst them.

Marketing trends and the rise of the robot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) by far is the next big thing that will impact the way that we do our jobs. The promise rallies around AI freeing up our time so we can concentrate on the more important tasks. There are two key areas where AI will impact us.

  1. AI will continue to be built into more applications for people to be able to use; and
  2. AI will increase the use of Chatbots and building a two-way conversation with customers with little human effort. If you’re thinking about adding a Chatbot to your website then take a look at this post from the Entrepreneur on the types of Chatbot available to you.

Offer the best client experience

Client experience has always been important, but many businesses are starting to realise that this is a battleground and it is fast becoming a marketing trend. Clients and job serarchers should be at the heart of what you do and by showing this in numerous ways you can win their hearts and minds. It’s different from the usual client service that your business can offer – it’s going that extra step.

So how can you offer a better client experience? Well, this comes down to the type of CRM or data system you have on your clients. It’s trying to get a 360 overview of their world. Are there ways in which you can use the data you have to send out relevant email campaigns, can you suggest related products according to their purchase history?

If you’re not sure where to start on how to improve your client experience you could begin with a client feedback survey and find out what they think, constructive criticism can make your customer experience better!

Really use social media analytics

We all use social media but like me, you’re often left pondering what’s is this really doing for me? Do I have any leads?

We should consider moving beyond the simple metrics of likes and shares and try to start understanding the whole customer journey and whether liking of a particular post leads to a sale.

There are quite a few MarTech firms out there that can offer us insights that we don’t usually have and if you want to go that step further then take a look at SproutSocial or Audiense to start getting a better overview and insight into where social is really working for you.

Go mad for augmented reality

Be prepared for this particular approach to really take off over the next 12 months, with more and more brands releasing products and apps that fit in with this modern world and even the Metaverse. This will hugely improve marketing and allow for a greater level of storytelling when you want to advertise your brand.

Be a multi-channel marketer

Rather than solely being confined to one or two channels, a new marketing trend is multi-channel.

This means that there is plenty of ways that you can reach out to your customers and have an impact. The trick is to ensure that you understand and use each one.

There is a good chance that some channels will work better for you than others, so make sure that you try out all the different options to find the perfect mix for your business. Just sticking to one channel and hoping for the best probably isn’t going to work for you anymore!

So, there you have it, some of the top marketing tips for 2017. Why not try some of them out and see how you can start building these into your marketing efforts.

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