Hit a home run with your content marketing

Hit a home run with your content marketing

Hit a home run with your content marketingWe all have those moments when we may find ourselves making a bit of a blunder. For the most part, even in business, these are not going to have a huge impact. However, there are some errors that can cause some ripples to form such as your content marketing efforts.

When done right, content marketing can have a huge positive push for your business, however, when done wrong it will end up making a much smaller dent. This means that you need to try your best to get it right and make the most of all that time that’s gone into producing it.

Not sure where to start? I am here to help. I have put together the four biggest mistakes that you can make in content marketing.

Being light on your content

People do have a short attention span, this is true, however, it is a common misconception that when it comes to content, that the audience needs only a couple of hundred words to digest. Of course, huge reams of dull and uninteresting text is never going to hit the spot, but if you are creating interesting content that people want to read, then you are likely to see that you will have plenty more lead conversions with longer content then you would for shorter, sharper text.

If you are concerned about the length of the content you want to share, then you can try to break it down into different subheadings and paragraphs to make it easier to read. People tend to skim read (you’re probably doing it with this blog!) so make it easy for them to pick up the main points!

Not thinking about your audience

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make with content is not thinking about your audience. After all, they are the people that you want to read what you have to say. You may want to try and broaden your horizons when it comes to appeal, however, with content marketing it is much safer to focus on your key demographic. Think about what they would be interested in and think about creating content for them as part of the key elements in your marketing funnel. You can’t be everything to everyone so trying to focus on a demographic will help make your content more niche and your messaging will stick with them!

Focusing too much on keywords

It is no secret that keywords are important when it comes to marketing, however, when it comes to content you should be careful when using them. Too many keywords packed into the text is going to make it sound like a sales pitch or a promotional tool and this may deter people from reading on. I have seen it myself with a couple of clients trying to stuff keywords in when they are not needed it looks awful, a bit desperate and it doesn’t read well.

Instead, you need to focus on creating sincere and quality content that is going to impress your reader and make them want to use you, all without ramming it full of keywords. Check out my keywords a beginners guide blog here!

Not sharing your content

When you have spent so much time creating great quality content, it makes sense to find ways to share it. You should never limit yourself to one platform, instead, share as much as you can. That way you can increase your reach. Use social media, use your website, use your email marketing lists. All of these can bring in more readers and hopefully more conversions too.

As you can see, content marketing is easy to get wrong, but it is also relatively easy to get right too. Make sure that you are aware of the mistakes that you can make and try your best to avoid them!

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