Fresh blogging tips for accountants

Blogging is a huge part of marketing your accountancy firm. It is not only a great way to share ideas, advice and news to your clients, but it is also a way to boost your content and keyword marketing efforts too.

When you are an accountant then there is a good chance that you may wonder how best you can approach the blogging challenge and where you could start.

To help you to make the most of your blogging efforts, let’s take a look at the freshest blogging tips for accountants to keep in mind.

Always stay focused on your areas of expertise

It is no secret that as an accountant, you are going to be good with accountancy and perhaps with bookkeeping too. So, why look anywhere else for your blogging content? Sure, you may sometimes be able to deviate a little, such as during particular times of year or if you have news to share. But, in the most part, you should always stay focused on your own specific area of expertise. Write about what you know well.

Ensure that your blog adds value

In order for your blog to work, then people are going to need to want to read it. Therefore, it is really important for you that you ensure that every post has some value. You should share tips, advice and insights that is going to be of value to your customers and that makes them want to read not only that blog, but other blogs too.

Ask your staff members to get involved

Some accountants work alone, but there are also others that have staff members working with them too. If you are lucky enough to have a team behind you, then you should ask your staff for advice on what they think the blog should include or delegate it to a junior member to see if they would like to write the first draft. 

You should always write for your readers

When you are an expert and you are creating a blog, it is often the case that people will write their blogs for themselves. However, this is one of the worst things that you can do as a business. Instead, when it comes to blog writing, you always need to focus on what your readers are going to want. They are the ones who are going to read the blogs and should they connect with them, then they are going to be the ones who go on and use your services in the future. Writing for your readers is so important when you write your blogs.

Get the balance right

It is important when you write a blog post that it contains enough information to be worthwhile reading. However, if it becomes too long, to packed full or too complex, then you may find that it doesn’t quite have the impact that you were hoping for. It can be hard to balance blogs, but this is something that you absolutely need to do as much as you can. The main aim should always be to reach between the 400-600 word mark. Unless it is a particularly in-depth topic.

Follow these top tips and we can promise you that you will be writing the very best blogs for your business in no time at all. Not only will they make Google happy, but they will also make your customers happy too, something that every single business should strive to do!

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