How to feature in the Google Answer Box

How to feature in the Google Answer Box

When you run a business, you will quickly realise that Google is your best friend, one that you need to keep on side. For many companies, aiming for number one in the Google search results is a must. However, there is one step further that you can take, and you might not even realise it.

The Answer Box, or the featured snippet as it is sometimes known. This is the holy grail of Google, it is a way to tease those prospective customers into clicking on your website and learning more about you, and it is so effective that it is a position that many businesses are going to be excited for.

So, how can you make sure that your business is in this prized place? Here are some of my top tips to try out for yourself.

Have a strong SEO foundation

Despite what you may think, the website that makes its way into the Answer Box isn’t always the one that is number one on the search results, however, this spot is usually taken by a website that appears in the top 5 results. So if you want to have the very best chance at appearing in this coveted position, you are going to need to get working on your SEO.

Focus on an answer that isn’t already out there

Being placed in an answer box is competitive, which means that if you are trying to place for a popular subject, then you are going to need to work hard. Another approach to take is to focus on an Answer Box (or should that be a question) that isn’t already being covered, if you are the first then you are going to be the first choice for being featured.

Always, always be mobile

In this modern time, there really is no excuse for your business website not being mobile optimised. The majority of people will view websites on their mobile, even if they then go on to buy through a computer, which means that you need to put some effort into making sure that it views well on a mobile screen. Google looks favourably on websites that are mobile optimised, and as I mentioned, you need to keep Google on side.

Mix entities and keywords

Keywords are, well key. We know this is true, but what you should also remember is that entities are a great add in too. An entity, as the name suggests is “something” such as a place, or a person. Having these intertwined with keywords you are likely to have content that Google and your audience is going to love.

Featuring as the Answer Box for a search term is something you should try to do for your business. It will not always be easy, but it’s worth it in the long run.

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