Easy breezy - evaluating your legal marketing

I was approached by the Managing Partner of a boutique law firm that specialized in working with Tech startups. They had no marketing in place for the firm. They also had a fast-approaching book launch for the Managing Partners’ new book with no marketing campaign activity planned.

Creating a marketing strategy for a book launch

They initially asked me to pull together a marketing strategy to help the book get in the Amazon best sellers’ category for Business Law.

I created a multichannel marketing plan for the book launch which involved digital channels, offline channels as well as a launch team strategy. On launch day the book made position one in the best sellers category and we are now looking at planning Phase Two of the launch.

Hiring a Marketing Executive

Whilst working on the book launch, I found out from the Managing Partner that they were looking at hiring a Marketing Executive full time for the firm. I asked to be involved in the hiring process as I felt I could add value to finding the right person with the right experience. I set up telephone interviews, a test and final stage interviews. The recruitment time was around 1 month from the start of the search.

Marketing Mentoring and Guidance

I am now working with Marketing Executive in a mentoring capacity to help plan and implement the firm’s overall marketing strategy. Eventually I will take a step back as the Marketing Executive gains more confidence but I am enjoying empowering the firm to create and run with a robust marketing plan