Taking the right steps to nurture your business

During the Covid19 pandemic, I was approached by a Health and Safety Consultancy that needed some help with their marketing. They said that if they wanted to weather the storm then they needed to make sure that they were front of mind with their clients.

No marketing plan, no marketing person

The consultancy didn’t have a marketing person in place but an admin person. They approached me so that I could write a plan that they could then implement in-house. Sometimes clients don’t want me to do everything for them. They have the staff or team in place to implement the marketing for them – they just don’t necessarily know what marketing they need to do – and that’s where I come in!

We spent a half-day on zoom working through my marketing planning questionnaire. This is essential for me as I get to ask lots of questions and I can take a deeper dive into the business. Once I had collated my thoughts, I set to work writing their plan.

Taking a deeper look

I looked at their competitors, how they come across online, their messaging, and the social media that they were doing. I also looked at the consultancy’s online marketing such as changes to the website they should make, social media, email marketing, etc it just felt a lot of the marketing they were doing felt a little bit outdated. I also looked at some of the business development activities they should engage in too.

Actioning the action plan

After I pulled the plan together, I made sure that I ended it with an action plan so they knew exactly what they should be doing – my marketing plans can be long sometimes and can contain a lot of information so I like to add this in.

They were delighted with the plan and so much so they didn’t even feel that needed a debrief session to ask any questions. They took the plan and ran with it – which is great news!