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AI and Law firm marketing

Even if you are not particularly tech minded, there is a good chance that you will have heard of, or come across AI. Artificial Intelligence or AI is not a new thing and has been around for some time, however, it is now improved and developed so much to the point that people are using and utilising AI for their everyday lives.   

Not only has AI become more developed, but it has also become more powerful, easier to access and much easier to use in the longer term. Which means that it looks like it is here to stay.  

Especially when it comes to marketing. So, with this in mind here are some of the ways that AI could be making a big splash in the law firm marketing world and why it might be something that could prove useful to you.   


AI is proving to be useful in the world of images. Many people have found that to produce images, you simply need to ask AI to produce an image based on a variety of key factors that you want in it.   

The AI will then produce the images that it believes match the prompt you have given. If it isn’t quite right, then you simply amend the prompt or provide more detail within it, then the AI will reproduce the images.   

As well as this, if you provide AI with a certain image, it will then be able to use this image as a way to produce related, but different images that you can use.   

Several industries find these images great, but they may not be entirely suitable for the law firm industry. Law firms use “real human images” in many of the photos and images for their social media and websites. Something that AI simply cannot produce right now.   

Content writing  

AI copywriting tools have introduced themselves as one of the most significant AI tools in the world of marketing. These are tools whereby you type in a prompt, which can be whatever you want your blog post to be about, and then the AI will go away and produce your result.   

The AI can produce not only one standalone blog piece but can even produce a range of blog pieces that can be tied together and posted throughout a week or a month. It can also produce relevant social media posts that will link to the blogs that you have written, making the entire process all the easier.   

Of course, AI cannot entirely replicate the human touch and many law firms may not want to use it fully to write content. However, what they can do is make it much easier for themselves to write the content that they need. You can ask the AI to give you ideas on what you can write about, and then you can decide on how to use this information.  

A word of warning, whilst it may seem entirely tempting to turn to AI to create your content, saving yourself time and money, the content that it can generate will often feel very generic, because it has lost that human touch.   

In some circumstances, it can even produce content that is incorrect or that could be misleading, which, as a law firm, is not something that you want to be sending out into the world. To ensure the quality of content produced by your AI tools, it is advisable to check and verify it.


Video marketing has become a big hitter amongst the rest of the marketing world. So, it makes sense that AI has proven to already be able to offer a helping hand when it comes to making content videos.   

AI can help you to write a script for your video, choose an AI voice to read it out and then can generate the video too. This form of AI is still in its infancy, which means that it can take some tweaking to get the video looking just the way that you want it to.   

However, you can play around with it, making sure that it fits the overall tone of the type of content that you as a law firm put out there, and can even change certain aspects, such as the accent of the model too.   

Another way that AI can help with video production is by helping you during the editing and post-production part of the process. 

This can be a time-consuming aspect but is important as it can remove the background noise from videos, reduce shaky cam syndrome and also help to make your speech flow better such as removing mms and uhs from when you are talking.   

Another way that it can help is by providing a video summary, or by creating those all-important captions that we now see on videos for those who are not able to listen to what is being said but still wants to know what the content of the video is.   

As you can see, AI is already proving to be a useful tool for law firms and their marketing efforts. However, it is important to remember that when it comes to using it, you need to verify what is being said.   

Using AI doesn’t matter, or whether you fully embrace it as part of your marketing strategy. When you use AI in the right way, it becomes incredibly useful and time-saving.  

The best way to get to grips with AI is to simply use it. Embrace it. Let it show you the things that it can do. Then over time, it may prove to be just what you were looking for in the marketing of your law firm.   

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