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Accountancy Marketing Digest – 10 ways to attract new clients

When you work within an accountancy firm, whether that is part of a team or on your own, one thing is for sure. You are going to want to try and be as successful as possible.  

This may seem straightforward, but the accountancy industry is a busy one and there are lots of competitors out there for you to try and battle against.   

To do that, you are going to need to find as many ways as possible to attract new clients.   

Want to know more about what you may need to do? Here are my top ten ways to try and market your accounting firm to attract new clients.   

Know your accountancy firm marketing goals  

There is a much lower chance that you are going to achieve things in the future if you don’t know what it is that you are aiming for. This means that one of the first things that you should do when it comes to marketing your accounting firm is to get to know what your marketing goals are.  

Think about what you want to achieve in the future. Is it just to gain more clients or is it to become more visible in the industry? Whatever your goal is, simply by identifying it as something that you want to do, you are giving yourself the best chance (and the push that you need) to drive you forward towards it.   

Define what you do  

If you take a look at the description of other accountancy firms out there then you are likely to see that they describe themselves as being professional, knowledgeable and client-focused. Of course, there is nothing wrong with knowing that this is something that you bring to the table, but, if you want to be a forerunner in the industry, then you are going to need to be able to bring something different to the table.   

Think about what you do that is different to the others out there. Define what you do and why this is something that your target audience is going to be interested in.   

Take the time to build a plan for your accountancy firm

The best way to achieve what you want is to have a plan in mind. Planning and strategy is not always the most exciting thing to spend your time doing, but, we can promise you that is going to prove to be valuable in the long run.   

Without a plan, you are likely to find the path a little more long-winded and you may not be able to think about the things that are likely to become obstacles along the way. If you have a plan in place, you can consider what challenges there may be, and you can think about ways that you may then be able to move through them.   

Vary the media you use  

Whilst it is great to find one type of content, or platform that works well for your firm, you may be excluding other types (and therefore other clients) too. It is a good idea to try and vary the media that you use as much as possible.  

Along with standard content, you could also try videos and live streams. You can also use social media stories to share small snippets of content. You may also want to consider things such as webinars and even TikTok.  

Leave no stone unturned as it may help you to find exactly what it is that you are looking for.   

Regularly post 

Content is a key aspect of marketing, but when you commit to content posting, be that on social media or a blog, you are going to need to stick at it. The key to engagement is to keep up with your posting schedule, if you start to have too long a gap between your posts, then you are going to find that your audience will start to shrink.   

Engage on social media  

As well as regularly posting content on social media you should also make it your mission to be visible and active on these platforms too. If you see a post that you as a firm can comment on, do it.   

It is also important to connect with your clients. If they have taken the time to comment on something that you have posted, then make sure that you reciprocate by liking or replying to their comment. It shows that you value what they say and that you are there and present too.   

Take the right approach with SEO and PPC  

SEO and PPC may seem like something that you can quickly glance over and still get the same results, but the truth is, if you make errors with these two key aspects of marketing, then this can impact everything else that you do.   

It is a much better idea to be methodical about your SEO and PPC methods and to take the time to ensure that whatever you put in place is the right choice. Even the smallest of mistakes (or more often than not, guesswork) can make a difference to whether or not you are successful in your marketing efforts.  

Encourage reviews of what you do 

It is always good to hear that you have done a good job or have provided your clients with a good level of service. This is not the only reason why you should encourage reviews of what you do.   

You should also ask for reviews because this means that those potential clients can see what the client experience is like within your firm and have peace of mind that you are going to be able to provide clients with a good service.

Of course, you hope that your reviews are all going to be positive, but if they are somewhat negative, then the way that you respond to this and the changes that you may make can be just as impressive to potential clients as having positive reviews.   

Give your accountancy firm website a refresh  

It is easy to forget that the way that your website works and the way that it looks is a key part of marketing. However, it is. This means that you need to think about what your website looks like and whether or not it is completely up to date.   

I recommend that you carry out a website check and refresh around once a year. This will help you to think about what is performing well, what needs to be updated on your website and whether or not you have added new services to your firm that may need to be added to your website too.   

Make sure that your Google My Business listing is up to date  

Google has many different aspects, one of which is Google My Business. This is the little box that comes up on the side when people search for your business name. It is important that you claim your listing from Google.

This means that you can keep the information up to date and make sure that what your audience sees on Google is what they should also see on your website and social media profiles.   

As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can try and attract new clients for your accountancy firm. By taking the time to try them out for yourself, you are giving yourself the best chance of success and the best chance of bringing in as many clients as possible.    

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