Why you should have pictures and images on your website

Hi everyone and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series on using pictures and images in your marketing.
So today I thought I would talk to you about pictures and images and how important they are to help building your brand. Hopefully as you’re aware, I had a rebrand a couple of weeks back and I’ve decided to get some new pictures done.
I realised it’s very important to put them on your website so people can see who you are, so I decided I’m going to have a picture of myself on the homepage, so soon as people land on that homepage they see who I am and I can start developing a relationship with them. 
I’m always really surprised at some of the websites I come across that don’t have any pictures of anybody on them. It’s so important to understand who you’re working with and  actually trying to look for the people behind the website so I can see what they’re like or how they come across, or do they look friendly and approachable? 
So my question to you guys is do you have pictures on your website?
I’m sure you find it frustrating when you land on a website and you can’t see the people on it so start thinking about getting some pictures done! If you need recommendations please let me know.  
I also wanted to talk to you about work pictures on your website as well. So sometimes I come across a blog that doesn’t have any imagery and it’s just a little bit sad and I just wanted to challenge you to incorporate as many images as you can into things like blogs and social media posts because it’s really important and increases engagement. 
There are some really great free sites that you can use such as pexels or pixabay, you can go and download images for free and that’s absolutely fine but what I would suggest and what I tend to do is I buy a pack from Adobe stock and try and get some images that are little bit different. 
When you start using the free image sites you’ll find that everybody uses the free images. I like using quirky images because I’m trying to make an impact and do things a little bit differently. I have been asked in the past where is it you get your images from? 
So if you don’t have any on your website or you don’t add them to your blog or your social media posts then maybe it might be worth considering spending a little bit of money or budget on trying to make your content a little bit more engaging and incorporating imagery into your website.
I mean you can do that for free but you can also pay for some different types of images. So I hope that’s got you thinking about what you might want to do going forward when it comes to pictures and images. I thought because it’s quite timely and I’ve done that myself I thought I’d just share some thoughts and insights for you and thank you so much for listening! 
I hope you’ve enjoyed it I’d really be interested to find out from you if there are any topics that you would like to hear about so please do let me know in the comments section. Until next week!