Why research can be helpful

Why Research Can Be Helpful

Hi everyone and welcome to my video series. Today I wanted to talk to you about the benefits of research and how that can help you make more informed decisions. 

I’ve recently been working with a client where we have done what I call a situation analysis or some research into where we are now.  

Competitor Research

Research can take a lot of different forms, but on this occasion we decided to look at competitors in terms of how they position themselves, the content they post, and what kind of keywords they’re ranking for. In fact, it was a really interesting exercise. 

Client Surveys 

We also looked at a client survey. We went out to clients. I think we got around 70 to 80 clients coming back to us. We lured them in, with the opportunity to win a voucher, which is always great if you want to get responses, so people have a reason to do a client survey.

We got some interesting responses in terms of the content they’d like, what their biggest challenges are, where they hear about us, all sorts. We also asked about their perception of the business as well to make sure that we are all aligned. 

Another thing that’s also useful is to do staff surveys to find out how a marketing team can support the business going forward as well. So we did lots of different things. 

Decisions based on fact

We looked at all of this and what that enables us to do is make proper decisions based on fact rather than our own perceptions. When I was talking to one of the marketing execs at my clients he was saying “you know, I thought we were the most expensive, but actually our pricing is quite cheap compared to the others.”

This has been useful because we can now make decisions based on the actual fact rather than what we think. 

My advice would be if you haven’t done that kind of research or you haven’t looked into what your competitors doing or you haven’t asked your clients what they think, then it really helps to open your eyes about what might be a better opportunity for you in terms of the marketing and business development that you do going forward.

Research is important and that’s just a reminder not to forget to do it. I hope you found that useful and until next time, bye for now.

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