Why is event marketing important to the marketing puzzle?

Why is event marketing important to the marketing puzzle?

Hi everybody and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series. So today I thought I would talk to you a little bit more about event marketing and why it’s important. When you’re in professional services or working in a service type firm, having events are a very important part of your marketing mix. A lot of people focus on digital, social media and email marketing and that’s great and it all works as part of this marketing puzzle.

But events are really good for your business because it gives you that face to face contact which is better than picking up the phone or sending an email. It helps people see who you are and it helps you get to meet them. 

Now I sometimes get asked what kind of types of events should I run, especially if you’re working in a law firm or an accountancy firm. And I guess that just depends on the type of target market that you have.

So, for instance, if you’re an employment law firm, it might be quite easy to make a regular event series for employment law updates for HR directors. 

Sometimes you might want to start up your own networking events so that people can kind of come and start meeting other clients and other suppliers and you become valuable that way. 

Or if you’re a slightly bigger firm and you’ve been doing some research or thought leadership having an event to launch, a piece of research is actually very, very powerful. So there are lots of different types of things you can do to help create an event series. 

I would say make something a little bit regular, you know, don’t just do it once a year and unless you are doing something like a Summer party or a Christmas party. Make sure that you are constantly in contact with people and inviting them and making them feel valued, whether that’s an existing client or it’s a new client.

The other thing about events is the ROI can take a little time, but it is easier to follow up because you’ve been to that event because you have seen certain people, it’s easier to have that coffee and one to one and get to talk to people off the back of that event. 

It feels a lot more natural than probably going into a networking event where you’re just having your business hat on where you have your event hat on. It’s almost like you are going there to learn and try something interesting or to be inspired. And those conversations that you have are much more kind of relationship and interest based rather than kind of networking and business based. So it gives you a nice lead in. 

So hopefully there’s a couple of tips there around event marketing, why it’s useful, the types of events you can do and how it can really help with your follow up. So I hope you’ve enjoyed that. Please do like and share and until next week, bye for now.

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