Why I let my favourite brands manipulate me

Why I let my favourite brands manipulate me

Hi everyone and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about why I let my favourite brands manipulate me.

Being a marketing consultant, I can quite often see the marketing behind other companies. I know what they’re doing! But I’ve got a couple of brands I love and I just let them manipulate me anyway. So, I thought I would talk to you very quickly about what I see them doing and why it’s working. 

First brands that I like is something called bulk powders

It’s protein powders and things like that. Now I signed up to get their products and now I get emails on a daily basis saying 35% off, 25% off, 45% off. I love it. Like I love an email that tells me I’m going to get a discount.

And do you know what? 

Every so often when I need to top up, I wait for the 45% discount email to come through and it works because they are the only brand that I go to when I want to stock up on my protein powder. So well done. Bulk powders. 

The second brand that I love is Charlotte Tilbury

So, I was stalked quite heavily by their Instagram or Facebook pixel about a year and a half ago and I started seeing Charlotte Tilbury everywhere and I gave in and I was like, I’m going to try this makeup. What’s this about? I absolutely love it. 

And Charlotte Tilbury does something very similar to Bulk Powders. They email a lot. They also get out of stock quite a lot when they have new products. And I think this is quite clever. I’m not sure whether or not they are doing it on purpose or there’s just a real high demand, but they tend to go out and stop quite quickly.

And this means it generates more demand because people can’t get their hands on it. And this has happened to me with a couple of products and I’m just like, I’m going to be on the waiting list for when it comes back. So they kind of generate this demand because they go out of stock. Now whether or not that’s purposeful or not, I don’t know, but it’s clever.

The last brand that I love is Gymshark

So again, Gymshark does something called a Blackout. And they do this twice a year and it’s like everything must go type sale and you have to wait. They put this big thing up on their website where they block it all out and they give you teasers around what’s going to be in the blackout and what the discounts are.

And then they have it on a certain day, a certain time and it all goes nuts and you just get in there and just buy, buy, buy it as quickly as you can and you get some really, really good, good discounts. But I love the fact that they do this blackout and do it twice a year and you just kind of sit there and wait and it’s quite a buzz and it’s exciting and you think, well, am I going to get what I want to get? So that’s great. 

The other thing that they’ve just done recently, is they have a really active Facebook group and they sent their highest engaged members, Gymshark tops, leggings, clothing for free to say thank you. And I thought that is a really clever idea because that is just making them more of an influencer for the brand.

They’re going to start talking about it even more and people go, Oh my God. So, if I talk about Gymshark and I engage in the community, what will they give me? And I thought that was a really clever idea. 

So, they’re the three brands that manipulate me, I love them all. I do take advantage of their offers. I just thought I’d talk to you a little bit more about what I see other people doing because it’s interesting to me. I hope you found that useful. Maybe there are some things that you can implement in your firm or business there. Until next time, bye for now.

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