Where do my new clients come from?

Where do my new clients come from?

Hi everyone and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series today. I thought I would tell you a little bit more about where my clients come from and the new client dance. 

So, what I’ve noticed over the last couple of years of being in business is that my clients come from two key channels.

The first one that I do really well on now is my website

Well don’t get me wrong, it has taken me a long time, but my website started working at least a year to 18 months ago and I’ve seen a lot of different inquiries, but the quality of the inquiries that are coming through now are really good and I’ve actually won my last three to four pieces of business through people approaching me through my website. And that’s all to do with how I use my keywords, how I rank, the fact that I’ve used marketing consultant and London and Kent on a lot of my pages and I’m constantly producing content, which means my website ranks quite highly.

And putting all that effort in at the start seems like a slog and you don’t seem to feel like you’re making any leeway with it. But in the long run, it really has benefited my business and I am reaping some of those rewards now. So my advice would be don’t get put off if you’re not feeling that your efforts are working. They do in the long run, but it is a long game. So that’s one way that I get my clients. 

The second way is through networking and referrals

So, I think if you follow my videos, you know, I’m an avid networker, I go quite regularly to women in business events all the time and I try to attend other events too, like workshops and events and seminars that are slightly different and out of my comfort zone because I want to meet new people.

And again, networking is a slow burn and it takes a while for people to know, like, and trust you. I’ve been in one of my networks for three years now and I have had a lot of work from it. It was over 20,000 pounds worth of business from the network that I was in. But it takes its time and you might not see straight away that you’re getting business coming through. 

You might be lucky. 

It does happen sometimes, but I’ve heard stories of people walking up to someone who is exactly the right contact and they want a piece of business. It could happen, but in reality, it takes a while. Now, this is really based on the fact that I am a B2B business and I am a service industry.

So, you know, I’m a marketing consultant. So this might not apply. It probably will not apply to product marketing in any way. But if you are a lawyer or an accountant or a consultant, then hopefully this information will be useful to you. 

We’ve all got to do our best in the times that we’re in at the moment. And if you’ve got time, write content, if you’ve got time, go to the online meetings and networking that people are holding in place of normal networking. I hope you find that helpful. And if you like it, please like and share and share the word, getting the message out I really appreciate it. But until next time, bye for now.

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