What pees me off

What pees me off

Today I thought I would do a video on a question that I got asked in a consultancy session. And that question was, what do people do that really pees you off? And I thought, okay, this is an interesting one. 

And you know, when I’m talking about this, I’m maybe talking about potential new clients, people that have emailed me. This does not in any way reflect any of the clients that I’m working with at the moment. Because they’re all lovely. But these are some of the things that kind of annoyed me a little bit. 

Free advice

So, the first one is when I get asked for free marketing advice. So I get emails from people that just are interested in finding out about this is a problem I’ve got, can you help me with this? And this is what I’m doing what advice can you give me now.

And they give me a massive download of everything they’re doing. I’ve never even heard from them before. And I read it and I’m like, I don’t know. I don’t know your business. I don’t know you. I don’t know why I should be giving you any sort of free advice off the back of the fact that you, you need some help. 

Like we all need help, but I’ve got to take my time to understand this. I need to ask you questions. I need to get to the bottom of it. And I think sometimes people just think you can just give out free marketing advice like that, but I’m trying to be very kind of diligent with what advice I give, because I have to ask a lot of questions so I can get to the point, you know, pinpoint the problem. And then I can give advice.

It’s not a case of, I’ll just give you some free marketing advice because you’ve given me a bit of a lowdown. I don’t know the ins and outs of things. And also, I don’t think that’s fair on my clients either because they’re paying me for the advice. So that sometimes annoys me a little bit when I get those emails that come in with a massive download from somebody, I don’t know. And I’m just like, I don’t know what to do with that one. Um, so that’s, that’s one thing. 


Another one is when people try to drive my hourly rate down, I always think that’s a little bit of a pain because I think in my head, it’s a little bit disrespectful. That’s my hourly rate. It’s not economies of scale here. You know, it’s not like the more you produce, the more things become cheaper. It’s my time. It’s my brain. So, it’s not a case of, Oh, if I do X number of hours, would you bring the hourly rate down? It’s like, well, I still need to think and do that work. So it doesn’t quite work like that. So, I always have a little bit of a red flag when someone tries to pull my rate down and it makes me wonder do they actually respect my expertise in this? So that’s another thing. 

Demands on time

Demands of time. Yeah. So I always get a little bit aggravated when someone goes, Oh, I need to meet with you right now. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes you do need meetings with clients. But for me, I like to have 24 hours’ notice if I’m going to have a meeting with a new client, I want to have a read of their website. I want to be well prepared. And its people that just kind of go, I need to meet you right now that really worries me because I think, well, I’m a consultant. I have other clients; I want my clients to be respectful that I’ve got other clients and I’ve got other work on as well. 

So as soon as I get somebody coming in and just demanding a meeting with me, like immediately, I’m like, well, what does that mean about that client relationship going forward? I want someone to be respectful of my time and my business. So, there are a couple things that pee me off. If you work for yourself, let me know what pees you off. I’m sure there might be some other things if I think about it, but I hope you found that insightful and bye of now.

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