What I learn from my suppliers

What I learn from my suppliers

Hi everyone. And welcome to my video marketing series.

Today I was just having a little bit of a think about some of the things that I have been learning from the suppliers that I’ve worked with, and I wanted to share them with you. 

I work with three suppliers across my clients, and they are very interesting in the way that they approach things. And I’m always interested to see how am I learning from other people.

One of the suppliers that I work with is an independent consultant for a paint manufacturing company that I work with

He has been working on the new website design, and I’ve always been really impressed by the way that he does his research and the way that he comes across. So he always looks at things from a best practice point of view. I thought that was just a really nice way of terming something. 

When you’re trying to persuade a client, around taking a particular route with a website and using the word best practice and researching another kind of like best in class websites, I think really helps convince people. I was thinking that’s a nice little nugget that I can take away from my conversations with him in terms of how-to kind of influence people. 

I’ve been working with an agency for around 10 years and, I just really like the account manager or the business development manager I’ve worked with

She’s very she’s very artsy. She has a fine art background and she’s always looking at colours and fonts and the way things kind of mesh together. And I just always have really appreciated the fact that she always goes above and beyond for my clients and also she’s super passionate about it. And I think that you can tell when she is talking about it, but she loves what she does. 

The other agency that I worked with that I have been thinking about it. I only just started working with them on a couple of clients and he just has really good

He really just has good client service. He gets back to you, he has in-depth emails. And I always know that he’s going to get back to me and I don’t know why, but for me the client experience with that particular agency, I really enjoy.

I know that if I’m going to refer them that they’re going to reflect well on me. 

I think it’s always interesting to kind of look at the relationships that you have with people and pick out some interesting kind of things that you’re learning from them. Because sometimes we don’t take a, take a step back and have a chance to review them. Anyway, that’s just a bit of an insight into what I’ve been looking at recently. Be interesting to see if you are looking at your relationships and what you’re learning from other people too. And I hope you found that interesting!

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