Welcome to Helen Cox Marketing Consultancy for Law, Solicitors and Accountancy firms

Hi there thanks so much for taking a look at my profile I just wanted to bring it to life a little bit more so you could find out more about me and what I do so I’ve been working in the corporate environment for around 12 years and I started up my own marketing consultancy practice a couple of years ago.
Since then I’ve been a marketing consultant writing marketing plans and reviews acting as an outsourced marketing manager and just providing adhoc marketing consultancy advice to people who need it as and when. A lot of people they tend to just rush off and do the next fad in marketing or we need to do social media or pay-per-click and sometimes it’s worth just taking a couple of steps back having a look at the plan and strategy and making sure you do a couple of things really well instead of doing lots of things okay so that’s where I come in and that’s where I add value. I’m here to give clarity, structure and focus to your marketing and to make sure that it’s consistent and persistent because if you want to raise brand awareness you can’t just do one thing and cross your fingers and hope for the best.
The types of people that I work for well and when I was back in the corporate world I worked for a lot of professional service firms so I do have a specialist interest in that so I’m very interested in working with law firms as solicitors, accountancy practices and other consultancies like HR consultants MD and IT as well because I just understand the environment and I understand from what also from a consultancy point of view because I am a marketing consultant.
Having said that I do also look at b2b businesses so I have worked with an international recruitment agency a barristers chambers FinTech company a health and social care organisation as well as property management and lots of coaches actually sometimes I work with leadership coaches career and executive coaches as well and so lots of kind of varied businesses and I’ve actually just taken on a private school as well which is quite exciting I do like to take on different businesses sometimes because it provides different challenges and helps me apply those contract logic to different areas so if like me I’m really interested to hear about what your marketing issues are and how I can help.
So please do get in contact my contact details are on my profile but if you want to pop me an email its info@helencoxmarketing.co.uk
Thank you