Value of working with a marketing consultant

Hi everyone and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series so today I thought I would talk a little bit more about what is the value of actually having a marketing consultant working with you. I’ve had that question thrown at me a couple of times recently I think it’s quite interesting so why should you work with somebody who does marketing consultancy or outsourced marketing?
Well the first reason would be that you actually get a fresh perspective on your marketing so you’re not expected to be the expert so I was talking to a partner in an accountancy firm who recently had a website redone and he went do you like the homepage do you like the website and I actually just went no actually your homepage isn’t right for SEO purposes it hasn’t got enough content on it and did you think about X Y and Z and he was actually a little bit like oh no I didn’t think about that I mean that was okay because that’s not his area of expertise but having somebody like me come in and just say well we could improve x y&z and this will help you rank higher will really help another Managing Partner that I spoke to in a firm recently we were talking about blogging and he was very much like well blogs you know no one’s really gonna read them but I said yes that may be true but also blogs are really good for having new content on your website and Google likes websites that have new content. So we should still do it even if we’re not 100% sure people will be reading them then he was, of course, yes why wouldn’t we do that.
So is having somebody come in with a fresh pair of eyes looking at everything you might have certain assumptions and I can come in and say yeah actually maybe we should do this or let’s just drop that and it’s looking at it from a different perspective.
I hope that’s helpful it’s really really useful for getting somebody to come in and you know to review your marketing look at what’s working and what is in and then kind of working with them on an ongoing basis to help you kind of up your game because you’re already off running your business so that’s one of the reasons why it’s important to get somebody in to help especially when it’s your business or your firm and it’s not your area of expertise.
So that’s it for me this week I hope you found that helpful, until next week bye for now.