Top 3 video marketing tips

Hi everybody and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series. So, today I thought I would talk a little bit more about video marketing and three tips to include when you start to think about yours.
Firstly I think that one of the most important elements is to keep your videos quite short and sweet, people only have a certain amount of attention so I think a video that’s around kind of 2 minutes long is probably a decent length before people start to trail off. So try to keep your videos quite synced.
My second tip is very much about what are you actually gonna put in your video so it’s almost like what’s the issue why is it important and what should your audience do next about it and keeping that flow in your head will really help you structure your video.
Another tip that would be very useful and people have complimented me on is the use of subtitles now I think they’re great I don’t always get them to work on this particular app but I use clips on iPhone and it does your subtitles for you and it’s very very useful. So if you can have subtitles do it because if people are listening on the train, for instance, they’re not going to put the volume on and they can still watch your video so subtitles are an absolute must and I guess one just general thought is trying to be genuine be yourself and be friendly.
These videos are difficult for me I used to advise my clients to do them and I’m trying to do them so the more you do it the more you get used to it and the more approachable you become so just keep on going and plugging away with your video marketing because it does really really help people to understand about you and what you’re like.
Anyway that’s it for me this week I hope you found these tips useful and until next time bye for now.