Three key things that I’ve learnt on my video journey

Hi everybody and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series so today I thought I would go off the cuff a little bit and just talk to you about my LinkedIn videos and how they’ve been working.
So, I’ve got three things that I thought I would share with you I’ve learned in the last couple of weeks about how they’ve been performing.
Firstly I decided to write some LinkedIn articles and I decided to do a series of videos and my LinkedIn articles I wrote all in one batch it took me a couple of hours and I’ve been posting them every other week. What I’ve noticed is I have around 85 views of those articles so that’s not great when I compare that to my videos that take about two minutes. So, I’m hopefully going to be doing this video on the first take and when I do do them they perform much better so the time to performance ratio is so much higher. My first videos I think had around 3,000 views and it has been kind of dropping off over the last couple of weeks so I’m interested to see how that will do.
My second thing that I’ve learned is as soon as I posted my videos I need people to like and share them instantly so I’ve been tapping into some of my networks BNI women in business and people have been sharing them so the quicker they share them the quicker they kind of start a snowball effect and more people see them so if you’re thinking about doing videos, don’t just post it and think oh hopefully that will go quite well. You need to let people know they are there so they will share it.
The other things that I’ve learned is to make sure you get your videos out on all the different channels so I know this sounds really really simple but I thought in the first instance I would do LinkedIn for a start and then I thought hang on I could be putting these on my youtube channel my TV channel I probably should be putting on Facebook so once you have that video make sure that you put it everywhere and I know that’s obvious but for me I was just like oh yeah!
Hopefully, that has given you a look with an insight on how videos have been performing and might give you a little bit of a nudge to start doing that too.
If you like my videos please do like and share for the reasons that I said in the last couple of minutes and I will see you next week bye for now.