Three helpful tips for blogging!

Hi everybody and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series so today I thought I would give you three key strategies that you can use when you start to write your blog post.
Tip 1 is open strongly and what I mean by this is have a really grabbing headline or title to your blog something really boring is not going to attract people’s attention so the headline can be witty, funny ask a question but that’s the first thing people will see so how will you draw them in. Also have a think about how strong your opening paragraph is going to be people are going to skim read that and make an assumption that they want to read it based on your first paragraph so what can you say in there that will really want to egg them on to read more. And lastly one of the things that I think is probably worth considering is a principle called Occam’s razor and that’s if there is one way or if there’s more than one way to say something say it in its simplest form and that will help you have some clarity and simplicity by the way that you explain things.
My second tip is use imagery and use good imagery as well sometimes I think there is an overuse of the free stock websites and I do get it people have budgets and that’s fine but if you can find imagery or maybe more sites like I stock or Shutterstock. I use Adobe stock, it might be better because you’re using different types of images that grab people’s attention and people who see images related to blogs are more likely to read.
The third tip to think about is actually put your stamp of authority on your blog you need to be able to come away having written that blog saying what did I say that was different to other people who might be writing similar things now what is it how do you kind of put a stamp of authority on it. Use your credentials give a bit of thought leadership and put your viewpoint on it because it’s not just enough sometimes to say these are the facts it’s actually people want an opinion and then you become a personality and your writing becomes a little bit more interesting.
I hope that those three tips have been helpful this week if you liked it please do like and share as I like to get my message out there so until next week.
Thanks very much