The value of a marketing manager

Hi everybody and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit more about the value of having a marketing manager working for your firm or your business. A lot of the companies that I’m introduced to don’t tend to have any marketing managers involved. It’s very much to do with the MD or the operations manager trying to fit in marketing as a when this doesn’t always work because they are very much focused on running the business and doing all the different things that they need to do to keep that running. 

Marketing is not always a priority. 

By having a marketing manager like me in place, it means that you will always have somebody dedicated to getting your marketing out there. So marketing can be very much kind of peaks and troughs if you’re trying to do it on your own.

But when you have somebody on board in your business to do your marketing, it becomes consistent. So it doesn’t matter how busy or how unbusy you are. There’s always marketing happening in the background. So really it’s helpful in respect of your time because you need to be running your business. Whereas me as a marketing manager can focus solely on marketing that business and getting your name out there. So that’s really, really useful. 

Secondly, you’re not supposed to be an expert in marketing and it’s really, really confusing out there. So it’s really great when you have a marketing manager on board who can just make quick decisions, understand what’s being talked about, and just kind of do it. And that’s the most important thing. You need someone that’s going to be able to take action and that can’t always happen if you’re being pulled around in your business, but all the things that are happening, that’s really, really important too.

I think a lot of the clients that I work with are just pleased that they have somebody project managing their marketing. 

I’m working for a small firm at the moment and we’re doing all sorts of things. So we’ve just done a new proposal document. We’ve also created new brochures, new guidelines, updating the website, and all I’m doing is I’m literally managing it and making sure it gets done and just prodding the client when I need it. Whereas if that client was trying to do it themselves with design agency, it would take much, much longer because of the checks that they would have to do. 

I’m doing them all the reading and editing of copy, I’m doing that. So it’s making sure that you have an expert on everything that you’re doing and getting things done. 

If you’re thinking about bringing on a marketing manager on a retainer basis, then I’m definitely the one person for you, especially if it’s a professional service firms such as law accountancy, property, or consultancy, because that is my expertise. So don’t sit there struggling, get someone in to help you, and please contact me if you think that I would be a good fit. Thank you very much for listening and bye for now.

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