The importance of a marketing review

The importance of a marketing review

Hello and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series. Today I wanted to talk to you about marketing reviews and why they’re actually very important. 

So it sounds pretty boring and dull and let’s face it, whenever you hear the word review, you groan inside, but they’re actually very, very important. So whether or not you have a marketing team that can do this for you or it’s just you on your own or you’re the MD conducting a review and spending some time doing that can be very, very helpful.

Website working?

The types of things that you need to look at across the board are what is and isn’t working for you. Good reviews would look at the website, have a look at your Google analytics, the way your website is structured, where the people are dropping off a certain point and having a look at the way that is designed and laid out. Is it easy? Does it have a call to action on each page? Does it have testimonials? What does it need to inspire people to buy from you? So it’s very important to have a look at your website from the client’s point of view. 

Social media supporting you?

Other things that you may want to review and see what working for you is. Things such as social media. Do you use LinkedIn enough? Have you got enough followers? Do you have a company page? How often do you post? How often do people engage with you? Is it working? Are people bored? What content is working and what doesn’t necessarily just apply to LinkedIn. That could be across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube. It’s good to have an idea as to the types of content people are interested in and engaging with you. 

Email campaigns working?

Other elements that might make up your view could be your email marketing campaigns. You might just say, send them out month after month, but you haven’t actually taken the time to look at what the click-through rate or the open rate is. Or are people hard bouncing or soft bouncing, have a look, see what’s working, see what people are interested in. Take people off the lists that shouldn’t be on there or not engaging or try to reengage them.

 So lots of different things that you could look at if you are interested in looking at having a marketing review done. It’s something that I do quite a lot for my clients and make recommendations and help them implement those recommendations. 

It’s not something that you always want to do on your own, but if you do have the time, go through all your marketing channels, see what’s working, look at the results, and then plot a plan. Get going forward to make sure that your marketing has the most impact. And I hope you found that useful. And until next time, bye for now.

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