The campaign popularity trend

The campaign popularity trend

Hi everyone. And welcome to my video marketing series.

Today I wanted to talk to you a bit more about a trend that I’m seeing in terms of what my clients are asking for. 

In the last couple of months, I’ve had quite a few of my clients come to me for marketing campaign plans

I haven’t done these for a while. I’ve been more concentrating on the marketing plan side of things, but a lot more people want to take a product and service and actually create a proper campaign plan around it, which is brilliant. 

What I tend to find is a lot of people, they just kind of go, Oh, I need to market something. Therefore, I’m just going to do it put lots of content out in random places and cross my fingers and hope for the best. And I can tell you for a fact that that just doesn’t work. 

It really doesn’t help just kind of randomly dumping content in different places. It just doesn’t work. So a lot of the things, when you’re thinking about a campaign plan is really to understand what it is that you want to achieve. And that’s always my first question for my clients. So what does success look like? 

What is it they’re trying to do here? 

And if you can’t answer that question, it might be that a campaign isn’t quite for you. And there are other things that you need to think about when you’re putting your campaign plan together, you know, who’s your target audience? What do you want to say to them? What are the key things you need them to remember? What types of content do you need? Where are you going to put that content? How are you going to get in touch with people? There are lots of things to think about. 

So, you know, campaigns, aren’t just a case of going, right. I need to chuck something out there

Campaigns should be structured, have some clarity and most importantly should have objectives and some sort of return on investment for all of that time. I hope you found that helpful. If you’re thinking about planning a campaign, please do let me know. And it’s what I do and what I’ve always done. 

If you are going to write a campaign, please make sure there is a structure and purpose to it. I hope you found that. Interesting bye for now.

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