Team Performance

Team Performance

Hi everybody, and welcome to my video series. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the leadership team that I’m on for an accountancy firm.  I was appointed by them back in August last year, and they have some really interesting team meetings, and it’s got me thinking about team performance and making meetings a lot more interesting. 

Absence of trust

They have a coach that comes in and helps them to become more efficient and productive in their leadership meetings. And I wanted to share some of those learnings with you. One of the things that I’ve learned is that if there’s an absence of trust in the senior management team, then there is a lack of vulnerability and it’s really important to be yourself and be able to say what you think. 

Fear of Conflict

The other area that I’ve learned about is a fear of conflict.

We are all scared about having arguments or debating in front of people, but what it’s taught me is it’s really important to be able to say what you think and why you think it, and be really upfront and honest in team meetings because actually that’s what makes the business organisationally healthy is to have these debates.

I read somewhere that said, if your meetings are boring, then you know, why are you having them?!

Healthy conflict and debate is a real key part of your leadership team meetings and to being able to walk away from those meetings and think, do you know what? I’ve had this debate and I’m not going to let it impact me. This is very much, it’s not personal, it’s business and what is for the good of the company. 

Lack of commitment

And the other thing that I was looking at is lack of commitment. This was quite an interesting one in terms of team performance as well and that people have to weigh into a decision before they buy-in even if the decision goes against what they want. 

A team should be able to go, do you know what you said you’re going to be committing to X, Y, and Z and you haven’t done it? And to be able to pull people up and make them accountable. And I think it’s just interesting how some of these different aspects can make businesses work better, teams work better, and actually doing things with the collective good of the company rather than your ego in the business. 

I just really wanted to share that. I’m definitely taking some of those hints and tips forward in my every day and my meetings as well. It’s made me think not to be too scared about what I think and to be able to be open and honest with how I feel. 

Maybe your team meetings might be a bit better off the back of it, but definitely have a think about how you might be able to implement some of those tips when you are in your leadership meetings.

I Hope you found that helpful. And until next time, bye for now.

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