Hi everyone and welcome to my video series. My name’s Helen Cox and I’m a marketing consultant that works with professional service firms, law firms, accountancy firms, and I do their marketing planning and outsource marketing for them. 

So today I just wanted to do a very quick video. I’ve done a couple of marketing plans recently for people. There’s one thing that keeps coming up and I keep seeing over and over again and I guess I just wanted to flag it to see whether or not you guys have done it or you’ve done it for your website. But a lot of the main issues that I’m finding with websites at the moment is their SEO hasn’t been done on their website. 

And I find this bizarre. 

So the websites that I’ve been looking at that have been going for years and over the last couple of months, I come across about four or five of them where the web developer has created a lovely, beautiful website and then hasn’t done any sort of SEO in the background. 

So I just wanted to flag this as something that I see quite regularly. Has your website SEO been done? Have you gone into the backend of the system? Have you seen what’s there? Do you know what’s there are the right keywords in the right places for you so you come up on particular searches? 

A lot of the websites that I work with are on WordPress, which is great as a CMS system. So I don’t necessarily work with Wix or Squarespace, but WordPress has a great plugin called Yoast SEO, I think. 

And I use that for my website and use it for all of my clients’ websites. And it gives you a tick list for every page to make sure that your page is optimized for SEO and has all the right elements on it. So I hope, uh, that might’ve given you a little bit of food for thought. 

Go and check out your website and make sure that you’ve got your page titles and your page descriptions are written. And if you haven’t spoken to your web developer or speak to the digital agency that you might use or even go in and do it yourself and get them done because you want to be found on searches. 

If you’re not found on searches, then your website’s not really working for you. So hope found it helpful. Please do it! If you have enjoyed this video please share with other people and that’s me out for this week. Thank you. Bye.

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