My experience with my brand refresh

My experience with my brand refresh

Hi everyone and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series. So today I thought I’d do it outside again because it’s a beautiful day and I really just wanted to talk to you guys a little bit more about your brand and refreshes. So I’m not really a brand consultant I very much specialise in the marketing side of things but recently I’ve been feeling a little bit I’m off-kilter with my brand and it doesn’t really reflect what I want it to.

When I first started out you know it was looking lovely it was quite quirky and very much aimed at startups but as I move towards my market I’ve just realised it just doesn’t fit the bill, my logo needs updating my website needs to have a picture of my face on it I need to be creating content a little bit more relevant.

I guess from thinking about this I just wanted to get you guys thinking about to your clients, how long has it been since you’ve looked at your website and looked at your content or whether who you work for is reflected in your logo. It might be that actually, you might need to redo this.

I think if you’re coming up to the three to four-year mark in business it’s definitely something that’s worth looking at and will help you refine and what you look like and what you come across like to your clients so definitely help think about that.

I do quite a lot of project management work rebranding work the law firms because they are absolutely typical in this sense, so a law firm website will just have a picture of London on it and they can be really nervous to kind of push themselves to make themselves stand out.

So hopefully in terms of your brand and how are you building brand awareness that makes you stand out Does it fit with where you are now? Because it may have changed since you first started.

So I hope that has given you some food for thought it definitely has for me over the last couple of weeks as I refined my brand. Please do take a look at my new website which is launching shortly thanks again and have a great week.

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