Marketing and Business Development Time Management

Marketing and Business Development Time Management

Hi everyone and welcome to my video. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit more about time planning. 

One of the key themes that my clients talk to me about is not having enough time to do their marketing and business development. 

So the one thing that I can’t give my clients is time, but what I can do is give them strategies and tips in terms of how to manage their time when it comes to marketing and bd. 

Tip One – Block your time out

One of those tips that I give to my clients is to try and block out some time each week to do your activity and be clear about what activity you’d like to do. Don’t just block that time up, rock up and go, what am I doing? Actually, plan it out and understand what you need to do. Do you need to write a blog? Do you need to follow up on a lead from an event? Do you need to, write an award submission? 

There’s lots of different things so make sure you really, really use that time to get the things done that you need to, because once client work takes over, I know that you will not find the time to do the marketing and bd. 

Tip Two – create a marketing and business development planner

The other tip that I have is maybe work with your marketing and BD team if you have one, or if you don’t, you can do this yourself. But create a marketing and BD planner that you might have for the whole month that you look at that summarises all the activity that’s going to be happening in terms of what you need to deliver, when you need to deliver it, what events you’re going to, what follow up activity you want to do, what old clients you want to get in touch with.

There’s lots of different pockets of things that might be relevant to your firm that you’d like to do, but having a planner means at the start of the month you can write down what you want to do and at the end of the month you can see what you’ve done. 

If you’ve blocked out time each week, then hopefully you can see some progression. 

Anyway, I hope that’s helpful. There’s a couple of quick tips there that will hopefully help you get your marketing and BD into gear. 

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