Are you making these content marketing mistakes?

Are you making these content marketing mistakes?

Hi everyone and welcome to my video series today. I thought I would talk to you a little bit more about for content marketing mistakes that I see people make regularly.

Light on content

So the first one is that they’re a little bit light on content, so when they’re writing they might think that a hundred words or a 30 second video is okay. But if you want someone to really to take the time to engage with your content, read it and find it valuable, then you need to write a little bit more and actually put some information in that it’s really going to help someone or educate them in terms of how to do something better.

Not writing for your target audience

The second thing that I see quite a lot is that people don’t necessarily write their content for their target audience. So this is classic, and I think I’ve mentioned this before, when it comes to lawyers, lawyers tend to write for other lawyers and that’s absolutely fine, but actually that audience is a normal human being and they need to tone that legalese down to make sure that people understand it. And that’s the same for anybody in any industry and probably mine too, in that you need to kind of make sure that what you’re writing is actually aimed at your target market. So always have them in mind.

Keyword Conundrum

The other thing that I see or have seen in the past is that people tend to overstuff their content with keywords. Content should be written for human being. And then have potentially key words weaved into that afterwards where it makes sense and where it’s appropriate. My advice would be write like you’re writing to somebody else or that doesn’t know much about your topic and then go back afterwards and see why there might be some key words that you can add in.

Share, Share and Share

And lastly, my last tip and the one thing I do see is people write content and then they don’t share it. What I would absolutely do and advise all my clients on is once you’ve written that content, you get the most number of shares out of that content as possible. So social media, social media groups, you can do a video blog off the back of it. Don’t just do one thing and then forget about it. Don’t just think that you can pop it on your blog and go job done. People won’t know it’s there. People are not sitting at your website going, oh, is she going to post a blog today? So you know, you’ve got to make sure that you get it out into the arena.

I hope you found that helpful. That is for things that I come across when it comes to content marketing, and I hope you implement them and that you, um, you find them useful. Please do like and share this video and until next time, bye for now.

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