Internal linking top tips for your accountancy and law firm!

Hi everybody and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series.  So today I thought I would talk to you a little bit more about internal linking and why that’s important for your law firm or accountancy firms website. Internal linking is really what it says on the tin, it’s the links between the pages of your website and there are two reasons why they’re good for you to do. 
Firstly it helps boost SEO rankings and secondly helps people stay on your website a bit longer because they are clicking between the pages. So I thought I would give you some tips about what you can do with an internal linking strategy because this is something that you can manage and have control over. The first thing that is always very useful is to create a site map for your website or talk to your web developer to see if you have one. This basically looks at the whole structure of your website and tells Google how all the pages are structured and then you put that site map into Google Webmaster. 
Secondly, consider related links to related webpages. So if your unemployment law practice has a page on unfair dismissal you can have related links for constructive dismissal, harassment or related blogs on that particular area so you’re pressing that web link. 
Also, think about blogs you could actually create a series of blogs. For instance, if you’re a family law practice you might want to have a series of blogs on divorce and how you go through the process and then you can link to the blogs beforehand and link to the blogs in the series afterward as well, so you create this internal web linking structure. 
For instance what I’ve done on my website, on my homepage you will see that I have links to my services and I have links to my blogs, on my blogs I have links to my services and I have links to other related blogs so I’m creating this web of internal links within my website that helps with my ranking.
So I hope you find it helpful please do you like and share and until next time bye for now!