Ideas to gather great reviews and recommendations

Hi everyone and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series so today I thought I would talk about recommendations. This is such an important part of your marketing strategy and often gets forgotten about so what can you do?
So, my first tip is to use Google my business if you haven’t got a Google my business account, set one up because when people google you on the right-hand side your listing comes up and also your reviews at the moment. I’ve got 26 five-star reviews which is amazing but what you really need to do is just ask your clients at the end of a contract or when it’s appropriate to give you a Google review. It’s just a form of social proof that people see that other people are endorsing you and makes them want to use you too and this is even before they’ve got to your website so that’s one tip.
The next tip is also using LinkedIn this is great if you’re in b2b asking for a recommendation isn’t as scary as it sounds, again I do the same thing when I get to a the end of a client contract I will ask them for a LinkedIn recommendation as well and I will always do this because again people will go onto your your website or LinkedIn profile and I want to see that people are recommending you. What I tend to do is I will take these Google my business and LinkedIn reviews and I put them on my website as a client testimonial and I also put them in my pitch documentation when I’m going out to clients or potentially new clients as well. So I’m trying to use that content as much as possible. I also create those testimonials as Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Twitter posts and LinkedIn posts as well because I want to be shouting about the fact that other people are shouting about me too.
So if you haven’t thought about getting a recommendation or a review they are definitely two channels that I would recommend and then once you do get those recommendations make sure that you shout about them as much as possible.
I hope that’s been helpful Happy Easter have a lovely Easter break
No Wednesday Wisdom next week because I’m just having a bit of R&R time so I will not be doing a video but hopefully, I will be back alive and kicking on the first week of May with my next one so I hope you enjoy your time and talk to you guys later.