How you can use LinkedIn to build better target personas

How you can use LinkedIn to build better target personas

Today I really wanted to do a quick video on investigating your target personas. So I know a lot of people talk about this, but I was doing some research for one of my clients recently and we were going through all of the kind of pains and the gains and the challenges and the demographics and all that kind of stuff. 

And we were going on some free stock imagery to try and find some perfect pictures of people. And then I was talking to a sales consultant and he was like, why don’t you just go and have a look at these people on LinkedIn.

Investigate who they really are using LinkedIn

And I thought, what a great idea. Rather than just trying to put an ideal avatar together, maybe I should actually go and have a look on LinkedIn and see what these people are talking about, see what kind of age range they are. Are they male, are they female? Who are they? Rather than me just kind of assuming that a picture from a Pixabay stock library will work. 

So I spent about a good day combing through LinkedIn on all of the job titles and the types of people that I was interested in. And it was really useful and I wanted to share it with you. 

I do think it’s worthwhile doing because I could see who they were. I could see what they were talking about, especially in their comments and their posts. And I actually was looking at their about us section and their experience section to see what kind of things they like doing and the challenges that they help their businesses with and the language that they use. 

So my advice to you is, especially if you work in B2B, rather than do all of that kind of, ‘I think my target persona looks like X, Y, and Z, and they do that’ and that’s great, why don’t you sense check it across LinkedIn and spend a little bit of time investigating them because I think that opened my eyes a lot and it really did help me hone in on a much better target persona.

So that’s just a little bit of quick advice. I hope you found it useful. Please do like and share my videos.

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