How to stay relevant to your audience and build your reputation

Hi everyone and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series today I thought I would talk to you about two keywords relevance and reputation. These are really really key when it comes to selling services.
So when a client comes to you they are looking at how relevant you are to their industry their geographic location and what they do. I think we all have a tendency to write case studies or give examples that are quite generic and I’ve done that in the past as well but actually having relevant case studies on your website on your videos and on your blogs that are specific to your target market and who you’re aiming for is really really key because it shows that you’re relevant to who they are and what they do.
This really comes back to what I was saying last week about niching. Niching is key and adds value so you need to have content and case studies that make you relevant for that particular niche so if you haven’t had a think about how you can become more relevant the other key word that I’ve been thinking about lately is reputation so potential clients don’t just necessarily ask you what work you do they want to know whether or not you’ve done a good job and delivery sells.
So, really what you want to make sure is that your reputation. You do a good job and thats when people start talking about you so when I say people I mean clients. They might want to refer other people to you so make sure you have those testimonials, make sure you get good word-of-mouth marketing make sure that you might have a referral scheme in place if you want people to come to you because it’s really really important and I think one of the things when it comes to your reputation is stats really sell.
And what I mean by that is can you show what an impact that you’ve made in a statistical form like I’ve managed to grow the business by 25 thousand pounds or X amount of percent because it’s all very nice to say the soft side of things but actually hard stats sell and help to build on your reputation so if you have stats can you use them and how can you implement them and your website and your marketing to really show that you’re credible and then you have a good reputation for what you do.
So, I hope that’s been helpful I’ll be back next week with so hopefully more Wednesday wisdom but for now.