Have you put all your eggs in one basket?

Have you put all your eggs in one basket?

Hi everybody. And welcome to my video series today. I wanted to talk about the relationship between business development and marketing and having all of your eggs in one basket. 

Business Development isn’t enough on its own

One of the things I’ve noticed since the pandemic is I have a lot of new clients coming to me, telling me business development’s not working anymore. I can’t go networking. I can’t see people. I can’t attend events. And that’s because they’ve put all of their eggs in the business development basket, instead of thinking about the marketing activity that they might be able to do as well. 

Baseline Marketing 

So baseline marketing activity is really important for every business, social media content, email marketing. And this has often been overlooked by B2B and professional service firms, because it’s all about relationships and business development. But what I’m finding now is a lot of these clients are coming to me saying, what marketing do I need to do?

So this video is really just about telling you guys to think about business development and marketing together not in isolation of each other. What is it, you need to do? Have a little think. I’ve got some great ideas on my blog. If you like my videos, please like, and subscribe to my channel. Thanks so much for listening. And I hope you found that helpful.

Need help?

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